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Identifying Black Toxic Mold

The first step is to confirm that the mold in your home is actually black toxic mold (Stachybotrys chartarum). If you haven't found the mold colony yet you'll need to have a mold inspection.

If the mold in your home looks like black toxic mold then you should have it professionally tested to identify its species. Once you know it's black toxic mold you should immediately begin taking steps to have it removed.

Don't Disturb Black Toxic Mold

The biggest mistake would be to try to kill or remove black toxic mold yourself. Disturbing black toxic mold can trigger the release of millions of spores and mycotoxins. These can contaminate your home, perhaps even beyond repair.

The goal of black toxic mold removal is not to kill the mold. Instead it is to completely remove the mold from your home.

Materials that the black toxic mold is growing on, such as drywall, must be cut away and removed all together. This way the black toxic mold will be disturbed as little as possible.

Hire a Professional for Black Toxic Mold Removal

If you have black toxic mold in your home the only option is to hire a professional mold removal service. Make sure you hire someone who is qualified. Also make sure they have had experience with removing black toxic mold, not just the every day, non-toxic varieties of mold.

A professional mold removal company can completely remove black toxic mold without allowing the spores and mycotoxins to spread into the rest of the house. They will cut away material that black toxic mold is on and remove it from your home, disturbing the mold as little as possible. They will also seal off the area to contain any black toxic mold particles spreading.

The mold remediators also wear safe equipment like HEPA breathing masks and protective suits. After they have removed the black toxic mold they will use powerful HEPA vacuum cleaners to remove any residual black toxic mold particles.

Don't Wait to Remove Black Toxic Mold

Once you know you have black toxic mold don't put off talking to a black toxic mold removal company. Every day you wait the black toxic mold could be releasing highly toxic mycotoxins into your home.

The more mycotoxins in your home and the longer you are exposed to them the more they damage your health. Health problems caused by black toxic mold can remain long after the mold is gone.

Don't Underestimate Black Toxic Mold

Many people find it hard to believe that mold can affect their health. But in fact black toxic molds mycotoxins are so deadly they have even been used in biological weapons.

Unlike other molds, black toxic mold can leave you with serious and permanent health problems. Underestimating the danger is one of the most common mistakes when dealing with black toxic mold. People often do not realize the harm black toxic mold can do until it's already happened.

Temporarily Moving out from Black Toxic Mold

Experts recommend you immediately move out if you have black toxic mold, especially if you have any sign of toxic symptoms. You should find some temporary accommodation like a hotel. Black toxic mold mycotoxins cling to objects so it's also recommended you take as little with you as possible. You should only move back once the black toxic mold has been completely removed.

Preventing Black Toxic Mold Returning

Black toxic mold needs a lot of water for several days or more before it can start growing. Part of black toxic mold inspection is finding and fixing the water source that caused it. As long as the moisture problem has been fixed then the black toxic mold should not return after it's been removed.

Permanently Moving out from Black Toxic Mold

According to some experts black toxic mold mycotoxins can never be completely removed from homes. Therefore houses that are badly contaminated are ultimately unsalvageable. There have even been stories in the news of home owners burning down their black toxic mold infested houses.

If mycotoxins from black toxic mold have spread through your home and made you sick you should consult a mold professional who specialises in black toxic mold for advice. If you end up moving from your home be careful about which belongings you take with you. Objects can carry mycotoxins in them and cross contaminate your next house. Talk to a professional black toxic mold expert about whether particular items can be salvaged.

Removing Black Toxic Mold Mycotoxins

There is no practical way to remove or kill the trichothecene mycotoxins produced by black toxic mold. Black toxic mold mycotoxins do eventually break down and lose their toxicity. However this may take several years.

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