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Black Mold Symptoms

Black Toxic Mold Symptoms

If you have black toxic mold in your home you will probably suffer toxic symptoms. These symptoms are caused by the mycotoxins which black toxic mold produces.

The main symptoms from black toxic mold include mental problems, breathing problems, damage to internal organs, vision problems and pain and discomfort.

List of Black Toxic Mold Symptoms

Black toxic mold damages the immune system. This can lead to a wide range of symptoms.

How bad a person's symptoms are depends on the amount of mycotoxins in their environment. It also depends on how long the person was exposed.

If you have a black toxic mold problem you might suffer some of these symptoms:

Different Symptoms for Different People

The symptoms that black toxic mold causes can differ from person to person. A person who is around black toxic mold will suffer some of the above symptoms but probably not all of them. And another person will probably suffer a different selection of the above symptoms.

People who have weaker immune systems will be worse affected by black toxic mold. This means children, the elderly and sick people will usually have more severe symptoms.

Treatment for Black Toxic Mold Symptoms

There is no real treatment or cure for black toxic mold symptoms. If you have symptoms from black toxic mold the only real solution is to fix the black toxic mold problem.

Removing Black Toxic Mold

If you have black toxic mold in your home you should not hesitate to organize getting it removed. Most people underestimate the danger of black toxic mold and wait to remove it. By the time they get it removed their health has often been badly damaged.

Never try to remove black toxic mold yourself. Trying to remove black toxic mold will cause many mycotoxins to be released and cause an even bigger problem for your home. You should contact a professional black toxic mold removal service who knows how to properly remove black toxic mold and contain mycotoxins.

If you are suffering symptoms from the black toxic mold you should move out of your home temporarily. Don't move back in until the black toxic mold problem has been fixed.

See Black Toxic Mold Removal for more advice on dealing with a black toxic mold problem.

Recovering from Black Toxic Mold Symptoms

Once a person is no longer around toxic black mold their symptoms should gradually decrease. However some health problems can be long term or even permanent.

What is Black Toxic Mold (Stachybotrys Chartarum)?

Stachybotrys chartarum is a species of mold that is extremely toxic to humans. It is often called black toxic mold or black mold.

Black toxic mold can grow in houses. It usually grows hidden away in a place where there has been an unnoticed water problem. This is because black toxic mold needs an area to be very wet for several days before it can begin to grow.

For more information about Stachybotrys chartarum visit the Black Toxic Mold page.

Black Toxic Mold Mycotoxins

The toxins which black toxic mold creates are what causes toxic symptoms. People living with black toxic mold usually breathe in the mycotoxins. However they can also ingest them or absorb them through their skin.

When a person breathes in mycotoxins they can end up lodging in their lungs and creating breathing problems. Inhaling mycotoxins is much more harmful than ingesting them. Also the more mycotoxins a person is exposed to the worse their symptoms will be.

The main type of mycotoxins that black toxic mold produces is called trithochecenes. These are some of the most toxic mycotoxins. It is also suspected that trichothecenes can cause cancer.

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